Always Never Home by Syd [Stream]

I feel like Syd’s been under-appreciated as an artist, her music is a harmonious blend between smooth old school R&B vocals, harmonies and sensuality, with a new-age energy and zest that adds extra cool to smooth records. The recognition she deserves is evident when you look at her body of work, with an album like ‘Fin’ bringing us tracks like ‘Drown In It’, attitude on ‘All About Me’, and beautiful harmonies and melody on ‘Know’ - which I had an repeat for days when I first heard it. 

Syd is giving us that new new with her recent release of EP ‘Always Never Home’. The production feels a little more futuristic than her prior work, but is filled with bumping basslines and trap hi-hats amongst her silky R&B vocals like were used to. Take a listen to 3 new gems on the EP and vibe out to the smoothness that is Syd.