The Time I Went To... Anderson .Paak

Malibu being one of my favourite albums of 2016 there isn’t much that I would’ve missed an Anderson .Paak show for. Performing with his live band The Free Nationals, each song allowed you to appreciate the instrumentation and how well they accompanied each other. I found myself lost in the music multiple times throughout the show.

Even though a majority of Anderson’s performance was him mic-in-hand as he took up the drum sticks and showed another element of his ability to perform, while still interacting with the crowd through his lyrics so his presence on the stage wasn’t missed.

Anderson Spoke with the crowd saying how he’s been supporting Bruno Mars and how appreciative he is to be performing in front of a crowd that knows the songs. You could tell the crowd, me included, were just as, if not more appreciative of the show. He even brought out Syd from The Internet to perform Girl!

The energy and excitement hadn’t left the room even after Anderson had said his initial goodbyes and was brought back to the stage on 3 separate occasions due to the crowd cheering his name each time they’d thought the show had ended. I could tell the show had lasted longer than was originally planned but at the time I don’t think one person in building cared, including Anderson and the band. An evening that will live long in the memory!