Press Play: Mike Musst - Movements

I came across ‘Movements’ scrolling through my timeline and was quick to move through to SoundCloud when I saw Flirta D’s name in the mix, but the surprising factor was Mike Musst’s simplistic and melodic production stealing the show. With Patrick Frame on the chorus and Mike spitting his verse to round up the track, it’s an easy banger that feels so UK and so now. 

A quick chat with Mike Musst about how the song came together revealed how he managed to link up with Flirta D so naturally to create a wavy song.

“My boy rico showed my music to Scionhikastle and he fucked with my sound and hit me up. Very soon after we met up and just chatted about music, ideas, and we fully fucked with each others visions and music, so he brought me through to his dad’s studio “Mkcrewstudio”. The vibe was dope and we started working from there […] I came through to the studio with my laptop and an idea for a beat in my head. Flirta D came through, him and Scion been boys and I met Patrick who also runs the studio and Produces. I started to work on the beat and when the melody was down the energy was mad in the studio, Patrick wrote the chorus, Flirta being the fucking legend put his verse down quick, same as Scion and I put mine down when I wrapped up the beat. It all happened so naturally with the track it’s surreal, the theme ‘movements’ stuck with us - in the making we aim to do big things fully and I wanna pave waves making music I love.”

Keep a look out for more work from Mike Musst who also created the artwork and all promo for this track and his other records, which you can listen to on his SoundCloud, so you know the boy's a creative through and through! Find him on social @MIKEMUSST.