Press Play: Liza - February 29

Press Play and enjoy Liza’s (pronounced Lee-za) debut EP “February 29”, the 22-year-old Toronto native has us in awe with her beautifully simplistic tape, guaranteed to leave you repeating every track lyric for lyric. “You” has to be my go-to tune, that baseline and her captivating vocals got me like Yasss! I have to give an applause to Juda for the production. Just press play, I’m sure Liza will leave you a fan!

“This project reflects my journey and life experiences in a way that I hope will resonate with others. Every song on the project is very intimate. It touches on who I am, the parts of me I am still discovering and qualities I have grown to love. This project helped me sort through and express many feelings, and ultimately helped me confidently set boundaries when it comes to relationships, love and life.” - Liza

To keep up with Liza you can follow her on Insta @azilohh, Twitter @liza_waz and SoundCloud.