'Caroline' Live

So, if you ain’t already heard rapper Aminé you’ve been lost and I’m about to bring you in on his banger called ‘Caroline’ which has been making waves online for months now. Make sure you watch the video first before moving forward cus it’ll leave your head nodding to the max and wishing your name was Caroline, I mean, she sounds bad af, plus the video is pretty cute and funny. 

The track got to number 11 on the Hot 100 list and has over 15 million streams online! At only 22 the Eritrean and Ethiopian artist residing from Portland is showing dope potential for the future. What has us paying even more attention to Aminé is his recent performance on Jimmy Fallon, where he used the platform to not only own the stage with a great orchestral backing showcasing his hit song, but ended it with a few bars that showed his stand against the orange disaster that is Trump. Bringing us hits and consciousness - we like. Check out his live performance below which adds to the many celebs assisting the country with resistance against the U.S.'s latest Presidential elect Trump, through their artistry. Over in the UK, we feel your pain.