Memoirs: BBC 1xtra Live

Written by Tiffani for

In 2014, I was invited to do a live PA on BBC Radio 1Xtra for MistaJam’s Daily Dose feature, to perform Jakwob’s single “Somebody New”.  I didn’t foresee such success of ‘Somebody New’. I wrote the whole song in about twenty minutes, to an old stool beat, the song then was reworked by Jakwob and released on SHY FX’s Digital Soundboy label.  The track reached UK Top 40, that itself was surreal, weird and crazy cool all at the same time. On 1Xtra that evening, I was joined by Meridian Dan, JME, Big H, Jakwob, Wookie & Zak Abel.

 Illustrations by Lucas Santos  @Lucas808art  for

Illustrations by Lucas Santos @Lucas808art for

I was at Outlook Festival in Croatia, when I got the message that I’d been invited to perform live on 1Xtra the first time. I remember going as soon as the festival ended, directly to the London studio. I should have been exhausted but was so hyped for my first ever Live PA on Radio. The experience was exhilarating. After being greeted at reception, I was handed my pass and escorted to the studio. It was surreal seeing JME. We went to school in the same area, and I remembered seeing him around— being in the same room, having real conversations about music and life but I kept my composure and enjoyed being surrounded by the energy of such talented people.

After watching Zak Abel go in the booth to perform his featured track with Wookie, it was my time to go. Into the booth I went, MistaJam greeted me and I was set up to do my PA. I don’t usually get nervous, but my heart was beating fast and stomach churned—It was a good thing I didn’t get carried away with the rider. I’d told all my friends and family so they were all tuned in, not to mention 1Xtra’s millions of listeners (weekly listeners of 24.2 million). 

Once in the booth, I was told when my cue would be and I jumped around a little, still buzzing from the fact I was about to go live on air for the second time, BBC Radio 1Xtra, Mistajam. I was there.

The track began to play, I listened for my intro, opened my mouth and my voice and words came out. There were faces peering through the window — I was in my element. I finished my PA and felt a rush of pride, people applauded and I was truly happy. Another accomplishment under my narrow belt, all done. JME and Meridian Dan performed “German Whip”, needless to say, at the time it was hype - so much energy, this time with me watching through the window of the booth with everyone else. 

  Illustrations by Lucas Santos     @Lucas808art   for

Illustrations by Lucas Santos @Lucas808art for


When it was all over, my phone was flooded with congrats and messages from friends, family and alerts. I did people proud and ultimately that’s what I wanted to do. This was just the beginning for me.