Albums on Rotation - Finale!

With our Albums On Rotation we've been giving you a glimpse of the material we love, even after playing them over and over again. So as the segment ends we've decide to leave you with 5 albums that we didn't mention before, that we feel are worth a rotation or two. Listen to our favourite tracks from each album below, and if you've got some hours to kill, work your way through each project to appreciate the masterful bodies of work.

The amount of times I had this album on repeat! Faith Evans debut "Faith" (1995) has to be a go-to favourite, it's so simple yet it does so much, there's practically no features and the melodies are simplistically amazing. Faith will keep you captivated throughout, to pick a track for you to listen to isn't an easy decision but I'll leave you with Faith's love letter to Biggie "You Don't Understand", the riffs are life. 

I think I'd be correct in saying that Amy Winehouse fans seem to be so appreciative of her music because of how emotionally invested we all became in her life and untimely death, largely due to the level of raw honesty she gave as an artist. "Frank" (2003), her debut album not only showcased her timeless vocals but also showed songwriting at a level that unfortunately is not often seen. It is honest, poetic and effectively real. The one of a kind singer was only 20 years old when the album was released as a rich mix of blues, jazz, hip-hop and R&B. Listen to 'You Sent Me Flying' from the album and take in the sincere delivery of a musician who was as blunt in her art as she was in the way she lived. 

The release of "Channel Orange" (2012) was monumental for me as a music lover because it was the first album made within my generation that completely blew me away. Up until then my highest praises were given to music of the past but the innovation I felt Frank Ocean was bringing to R&B set this album as a classic in my eyes. Listen to "Pink Matter" below filled with an emotive vocal performance from Frank Ocean and lyrical wittiness from André 3000 as always.

Kelis is a trendsetter before her time as far as I'm concerned - She and The Neptunes were a match made in heaven, giving us the sassy gift that is "Tasty" (2003). My fav song on the album "Sugar Honey Iced Tea" shows her in a softer light compared to the popular "Caught Out There" or "Trick Me" with gorgeous chords playing underneath the clean drums from Pharrell - the delicate husk of her voice is perfect for a good mood morning.

Snoop Dogg's "Rhythm & Gangsta" (2004) is something that was missing in Hip-Hop in the Noughties, that West Coast sound wasn't around for a minute and Snoop brought that back. The Neptunes took that staple style and revamped it for a new generation. R&G has to be a classic for me, the lyrics, the instrumentation, the sound, it was different but yet so familiar. That G-Funk will never get old, listen to "Promise I" - Snoop stays pippin'. Bi'ness as usual.