The Time I Went To... PartyNextDoor

What I remember of PartyNextDoors show a couple years back was a delirious blur. Walking into the festival tent in the summer heat was mad, it was more like a stampede really because everyone knew he'd be performing next and the battle to push to the front began. I was lucky enough to end up super close to the stage but it was so packed that half way through I willingly moved to the back because of the heat - a girl literally fainted next to me and had to be carried above the crowd in order to get out because no one was willing to move and loose their spot - savages! Aside from the sweaty drama amongst the crowds PartyNextdDoor's live vocals were a pleasant surprise. His voice serenaded and soothed just as well live as on record. He worked his way through a lot of his first two projects, moving us to a slow grind on "Options" but the stand out song seemed to be "Recognise" and I remember the base line echoing as we all shouted "I want you" - It's an incredible feeling when a crowd chants song lyrics in unison word for word and there were plenty of moments where Party let us have the spotlight. Definitely a performer I'm excited to see again, but hopefully under cooler circumstances.