Change of Scenery

The biggest musicians tend to be found in well-known venues with large capacities, whether that be Hip-Hop, R&B or any other genre of music. Large stadium and arena shows can make for some of the most iconic and memorable moments in someones life, I know it has for me. However, over time I’ve become less excited for popular headline shows and constantly on the look out for the smaller, up-and-coming talented artists, in intimate venues.

 Drake Summer Sixteen Tour 2016

Drake Summer Sixteen Tour 2016

My first show was at Wembley Arena, Usher’s Confessions album had been out about a month and as an early birthday present I got tickets to go. It was the first live performance I’d been to and to see the artist I idolised - can’t lie I thought I was a mini Usher, the excitement had carried me away. I remember everyone around me being so focused on that stage as if they were in a trance from his voice and dance moves -  although I could just about see him. The next day at school I was excitedly telling my friends I’d seen Usher perform live. 

One of the annoyances I have with large venues, is not being able to see the musician I’ve paid to see. Having to sacrifice hours in the line to be at the front has never appealed - although I sometimes seem to find myself at the front by the end of the show.

Nowadays I stay on the look out for talented artists on the come up a lot more. I know that if and when they eventually have a show it’s likely to be at a smaller, more intimate venue and I feel it’s in those settings where you can see what an artist is about. Their stage presence, the way they interact with the crowd, and how close they can sound to their recorded music are all clear to see.

I’m not saying that I don't like large venues because I know if one of my favourite artists were performing at one, I’m on the internet 20 minutes before the tickets go on sale refreshing the page making sure I get them. However, smaller more intimate settings tend to appeal to me more. When an artists captivates a smaller audience there’s a connection that can’t be replicated in large arenas and festivals. Sometimes you feel as if the artist is talking directly to you, lyrics, melodies and instruments have a deeper resonance.