Today's Screening... "The Season / Carry Me / The Waters"

Today's Screening is The Season / Carry Me / The Waters directed by Anderson .Paak and Chris Le (Starring Anderson .Paak and BJ The Chicago Kid).

Anderson .Paak brought the background to the forefront for this artistic visual with a strong use of stop motion animation, using a collage style and photographs as the base. Pop Surrealism - which is said to have originated in California, Paak’s home, is a clear inspiration, using a mixture of pop culture, fairytale-esque imagery and symbolism, which all show up throughout the video. We see in the first part of the video accompanied by ‘The Season’ Paak enters a room labeled trash and comes across a robotic monster with the head of Donald Trump - fitting symbolism if I say so. We also get a cameo from BJ The Chicago kid for ‘The Waters’ with an aquatic looking background, maintaining the surrealist theme throughout.