Today's Screening... "Sunday Candy"

Today's Screening is "Sunday Candy" directed by Austin Vesely, Ian Eastwood & Chance The Rapper (Starring Chance The Rapper & Jamila Woods).

Fitting perfectly with Chance The Rapper's animated personality, the video for his 2015 "Sunday Candy" looks like a musical fresh off of broadway. The theatrical routines and set changes were a super fun and refreshing way to put together a music video and the over the top joyful vibe that is familiar to theatre, sits well with he upbeat feel of the song. The Director Austin Vesely was only 24 when working on this video for the Donnie trumpet crew and got the opportunity to put it together after Chance approached him with the vision, inspired after watching Lion King on Broadway "like 20 times" - so maybe the stage was calling him! The video which is shot in one complete take, had a set which took 2 weeks to prepare and was filmed across 8 full takes (pretty swift!), out of which they chose the final product they brought to us. So, sit back and enjoy the show.