The Time I Went To... Bryson Tiller

A few months ago I saw the love of my life *cough Bryson Tiller cough* here in London. First, I need to discuss the hassle my friends and I went through to even get tickets.  Morning sales are no joke. Tickets sold out within 2 minutes — 3 TIMES! One was partially my fault because I forgot to wake up, but then the rest was the devils work to be honest. 

Bryson Tiller was the guy people didn’t rate when Don’t was first released — unless you were one of those underground music geeks, constantly on Soundcloud. Then out of nowhere Bryson Tiller emerged into the spotlight within the competitive music industry with TRAPSOUL. 

The hype and excitement for him to perform died out for me, after seeing 16 year olds in the queue.  Unfortunately, we were stuck with kids puking and us staring at them like *DON’T*. Not only was it annoying with no grown folks around, but I was shocked that his whole performance lasted for an hour.  I understand he had three shows in London and many more to come in other cities — but come on Tiller I thought we were going to get married that night. 

Overall, Tillers performance felt like he had done this about a billion times before. There wasn’t much improv — which is fair because his music is all production based. Nonetheless his piercing vocals were identical to his actual sound. 

There wasn’t much of a one on one story between Tiller and his audience members. Just the overplayed R&B story of “Ladies put your hands up in the air if you’ve been played” — as many women put their hands up in the air preaching ‘yaaaaaas Tiller yaaaaas’