East London's Soulstress, Rachel Foxx

Hackey's got a a little gem you need to hear, let your ears meet Rachel Foxx. With tracks reminiscent of that old school soul, Rachel will have you in your feels with nostalgia when you listen to stand outs like “Pink and Green”. Speaking to Rachel I got to see another side to her, the personality and her music don't necessarily add up as an obvious match but speaking to her you find all the animation that the music doesn't allow you to hear through its emotional tones - she's bubbly in person! Our conversation made me that much more of a fan of her music than I was already was as it gave me a glimpse into her many dimensions, get to know her a little better below.

 Rachel Foxx shot by 94Five -  More at 94Five.tumblr

Rachel Foxx shot by 94Five - More at 94Five.tumblr

You write all your own lyrics, which songwriters do you admire?

"I love James Fauntleroy, Erykah badu and Maxwell as writers. I think Mariah Carey is magical, R Kelly, Jon B, Donnell Jones... the list could go on forever."

Honesty in music is difficult because it can be so personal, when your writing do you ever feel like you’re giving away too much? Is it important for the songs to be true to you or do you also write from other people's perspectives?

"I love writing music that is true to myself, a lot of stuff I have written is stuff that relates to myself. I really hate talking about my feelings in real life but I feel like in music it's just different, you can never give away too much. I do also write from other perspectives, I draw inspiration from everywhere, whether it be love, hate, sex, friends, relationships etc."

 Photography by Kiran Gidda  @kirangidda

Photography by Kiran Gidda @kirangidda

 Visit  kirangidda.com  for more shots

Visit kirangidda.com for more shots

Your musical style isn't common for your generation, your music reminds me of mature artists like Jill Scott or Erykah Badu. What is it about soulful music that you’re drawn to? 

"Haha thank you! Those are two of my biggest inspirations. I love soulful music because it's honest, raw and timeless. It is music from the heart and will always last forever."

Our generations music is often criticised for lacking depth or purpose, what do you think of what's being played on radio? What makes you revert to older sounds in this current time?

"In all honesty I barely ever listen to the radio, I like to compile my own playlists, whether it be on SoundCloud, Spotify or iTunes. I revert to older sounds because I find older music more real, more raw and inspirational. It reminds me of a time when people were just themselves in music, organic and honest. We really need that back."

You perform with a four piece band how did that come into place? Many artists today seem to go with the easy option of a DJ or backing tracks, do you think it’s important for your sound to have live instrumentation?

"I've always wanted to work with a live band, I was looking for a band for a while and it just worked out that the guys were friends of friends. I think because of the type of music I make, the live aspect is extremely important, and you just feel it more."

When you’re recording do you ever think about how it will translate into a live performance? Are your band members ever involved?

"I always think about how it will translate, I love working closely with my producers, most of them actually play live instruments and so it makes sense for them too."

Where do you go in London to get inspired or hear music? Do you feel like being raised here has directly shaped you as a Musician?

"When it comes to inspiration, my every day life inspires me, my friends inspire me, even people who have hurt me inspire me. In terms of going out to find music, two of my favourite places in London is Ronnie Scott's [in Soho] and Troy Bar [in Shoreditch]. These places are timeless, people who are really into live sounds will know what I am talking about. Ronnie's is more jazz infused and Troy Bar is a bit more soul. I feel like London is so diverse so there is something for everyone, being raised in East London definitely contributes to my creative streak, everywhere is so inspirational - there's never a boring day for me."

Could you name some artists you look up to and why? 

"I love Erykah Badu, I really think she is in her own lane and paved the way for many. I love R&B artists like Jon B and Donell Jones, their music doesn't ever expire, I love their singing style; the melodies and layering of vocals. I look up to Floetry too, being from the UK and the kind of music they make... is groundbreaking for me."

Rachel's currently putting the finishing touches on her next EP "Blue Moon" which is solely produced by Nosa Apollo - she's also piecing together some visuals for that project too, so make sure you keep pressing to be sure you catch that magic! Once "Blue Moon" drops you'll be able to stream it on SoundCloud and Spotify, but for now you can listen to her previous EP "Rachel Foxx" and other gems on SoundCloud or stay in the know by following her on Instagram @mrsrachelfoxx, Twitter @mrsrachelfoxx and tumblr rachelfoxx.tumblr.