The Time I Went To... Goldlink


In the early hours of the morning, there I was, two-stepping with strangers to a strangled acapella version of One Dance sung by fellow drunken soldiers, drowning in sweat and happiness from what I consider to be one of the highlights of my summer.

As a frequent gig-goer, I love finding new venues that are hosting my favourite artists. Kamio - just off Old Street - is a cute, kooky bar filled with nice lighting and artwork, but the basement is the true Messiah of this event. I live for basement raves, and although this isn't the first time I've seen Goldlink, He & Friends definitely put on an afterparty to remember.

In the beginning, the basement held a bit of a school disco vibe - everyone standing at the sides, maybe doing a little head-bop or two-step. Goldlink eventually blessed the stage with a hot 15-minute set, spinning tracks across both The God Complex and And After That, We Didn't Talk such as Spectrum, Ay Ay, Hip Hop Interlude and Dance On Me. I find GoldLink to be quite a relaxed performer that can command a stage with his UNDENIABLE coolness - you feel a mixture of stan-ism, comfort, elation and lust (I know you can relate). I'm a big GoldLink fan and it's been great to see his growth as an artist and performer. Hearing some of the tracks from ATWDT live was like finally itching an intense scratch. A highlight was definitely getting to stroke his leg whilst it was propped up in front of me. Before finishing his set, GoldLink went into a throwback DJ set manned by Kojey Radical.

Overall - any night with Goldlink is a great night.