Today's Screening... "Pyramids"

Today's Screening is "Pyramids" directed by Nabil Elderkin (Starring Frank Ocean). 

With all the confusion and drama surrounding the release or lack of, for Frank Oceans' upcoming album, I've been dreamily revisiting his "Channel Orange" album and falling in love with the genius songwriting skills once more. The album created both sonic and visual treasures, so I wanted to bring up the 'Pyramids' video, Directed by Nabil Elderkin. Nabil has directed other incredible videos such as G.O.O.D Music's "Mercy" and FKA Twigs "Two Weeks" just to name a couple so a quality video is expected. Watch the dark and surreal 8 minute clip, showing an absinthe induced Frank wandering around a trippy strip club. The video may come across simple, but holds complex meanings just like the songs lyrics, depicting the modern day transformation of women - from Queens, to sexual objects of desire.