The Time I Went To... Rihanna

I had not a clue what to expect, admittedly like others I was skeptical of Rihanna’s performing capability. All I knew is that ANTI was an album that I replayed over and over, and I was eager to see the baddest bitch in the game perform. 

As I walked across the parking lot to the Oracle Arena, it was clear that to Rihanna’s fans this was more than a concert. Crowds of screaming fans were dressed ready to slay, I immediately felt comfortable in my black lipstick and slightly provocative black dress. 

The anticipation was apparent as fans started to chant Rihanna Navy, and it seemed to work because there she was in all her glory. Kicking the concert off with “Stay” you could tell that she was just as excited to perform as we were to see her. After the opening song she quickly transitioned to “Sex With Me” dressed in a beige body suit and strutting down a glass box. For the next hour and a half we were going to be thoroughly entertained. The visual elements, songs, and backup dancers were all in sync with the energy that was floating around. Some elements were off, but as soon as she began to serenade us with “Diamonds” the crowd was in awe. I can now say confidently that I believe Rihanna is vocally at her prime, as she sang “Love on the Brain” with such conviction I could feel the emotion. 

Overall, the Anti World Tour felt somewhat random. I didn't mind, I was never looking for perfection with Rihanna. I came not knowing what to expect, and left satisfied and with an understanding that there is beauty in chaos.