Today's Screening... "Sock It To Me"

Today's Screening is "Sock It To Me" directed by Hype Williams (Starring Missy Elliot & Da Brat).

Missy always kept it fresh with her visuals, look at the many classics she’s dropped in her career, as a kid I was always on MTV checking for her, Missy brought that care-free ‘have fun’ element to Hip-Hop. I can't forgot to mention Hype Williams either, he’s shot a crazy amount of visuals, without doubt a legend in Hip-Hop & R&B, his accolades as a director solidify that. “Sock It To Me” was influenced by the Mega Man video games and it’s clear. That’s something you expected from Missy, she's a big kid at heart. Check out “Sock It To Me”, one of my favourites from Missy.