Music & My Feels.


I've been captivated by music for a long time, from young music's always been influential, I couldn't tell you the amount of albums I've heard. Yes, I know I sound cliché but we can't deny how influential music is, look how it continues to push the culture. At times, music is much more than the sounds you hear or the lyrics. Music is deep-rooted in our history, and is art. It's a form of expression that's connected to human experience in various ways. 

Music has been rooted in Afro culture for many years, we're the pioneers. Originally, music was a form of expression in many continents across the globe, however, it became an organic form of liberation for many 'slaves' in the southern states of America whether it be religious, recreational or work. This led to the formation of genres including Gospel, Jazz and Blues. In the 50's and 60's we saw genres like Blues and Doo-Wop dominate radio. Though this sound was crafted by the Afro community, many artists weren't credited for their efforts (exempt the artists who's sound was too hard to replicate), major labels often had their artists rerecord these tracks leaving us to take the backseat position and track ad-libs.

Music puts me in my feels. There's been moments I've heard a song (most times it's off the first listen) and you just have this connection and what you feel is indescribable. I'm sure it's the same thing for some artists, as a listener you can sense when a song is real, the emotion in your voice can't be faked, regardless of what emotion the artist is portraying, If it's not genuine the conviction won't be there. Listen to Rihanna's live performance of "Love On The Brain" these are the moments of conviction where emotion is shared between the artist and listener - Sidenote: this performance is life, Rihanna's vocally in her prime. 

It's moments like that, moments where you know the emotions reached to produce such a song must take a lot of digging. I can imagine it taking a lot for an artist to share those records, records that are so close to their hearts, where some stories which make the lyrics to some of our favourite tracks, are painfully true. Take Frank Ocean for instance, look at the amount of time it took us to receive his sophomore effort "Blonde" (four years, I waited four years, like bruh, really). His lyrics are so personal, we can't fault him for the time he took to produce such an album, artists alike must care so deeply about their art, it's an extension of who they are. Unfortunately, music has reached a position where many fans have short attention spans and need something now to only want more tomorrow. Why have many of us lost the ability to appreciate and grow with art?

Music is connected to the human experience in various ways, it can be either be personal or shared. For me, there's something about the sonic elements that make a song, every note is a colour that adds to a visual painting, words can't really explain the feeling. Not every song can evoke that but for an artist to create a piece of art that can make many feel a type of way that must be incredible. There was no real aim for this article, it's more or less my thoughts on a Saturday evening. 

For now, music will just have me in my room like...