The Time I Went To... Jhené Aiko


I had recently moved to California and heard that Jhené Aiko had a show coming up soon, I was gassed, "Souled Out" was on repeat for a minute - for real for real. Luckily by the date of the show I had met someone on campus that was going too, going on my ones mighta been *upset face*.

The venue was small and intimate, at the time I didn't think about it but funnily enough the show was outdoor in the middle of a Motel (like the ones you'd see in those American shows). I'm sure a couple guests caught a free show from their balcony. After The Internet had opened, Jhené stepped out on stage gracefully as if she was leaving her cocoon for the first time, draped in a long silky blouse - looking like Bae. For the whole show I was in a trance whilst her voice floated around my ears, I didn't even take my phone out for a photo - you know that feeling where you're just enjoying yourself. "It's Cool" was a stand out for me, the live band caught all the nuances of the track and Jhené's voice live was maad. The experience was, for lack of a better word, amazing. For my first show away, it was a good start.