Today's Screening... "Papa Pacify"

Today's Screening is "Papi Pacify" directed by FKA Twigs and Tom Beard (Starring FKA Twigs). 

FKA Twigs is everything 'weird' and wonderful that I love about left field music. Her vocals often take influence from church choir sounds and utilise subtle harmonies in her high register, bringing something very different to the often harsh sounds of the instrumentation involved. Her videos come through with just as much artistic flare as the tracks themselves and "Papi Pacify" as a song is no exception, being Co-Produced by Arca who is just as unique as Twigs herself. I'd say "Papa Pacify" is probably one of her more toned downed visuals, when it comes to being 'out there', however it's simplistic black and white imagery creates a very sensual video that is natural in many ways; using two bodies intertwined, touching and some what bare, yet it still has a really unnatural feel with the reversal and repetition of the movement created through editing, which was done by Ben Crook. The piece is co-directed by FKA Twigs and Tome Beard (who's also worked with Klaxons and Saint Raymond). I've always admired how involved she is in her work, as she's directed and been creatively involved in pretty much all her videos, art and choreography. "Papi Pacify" is simplicity and creativity at its finest.