Today's Screening... "National Anthem"

Today’s Screening is "National Anthem" directed by Anthony Mandler (starring Lana Del Ray & A$AP Rocky).

I can definitely remember how mesmerised I was the first time I watched "National Anthem"; The classic Lana Del Ray home-movie style frame, the dreamy soft focus visuals, an imagery of glamour – A$AP smoking Cigars, Lana laying on a Lion skin rug, them laying together on their private yacht. This almost perfect picture contrasting undertones of power, politics and eventually assassination. A duality which is also embodied by Lana Del Ray, both playing Marilyn (The mistress) and Jackie O (The wife), we start to see the similarities and tragedies between these two archetypes. A$AP Rocky as her Kennedy was a smart move, bringing a modernity and coolness to an infamous story and man. After all it is a - ‘love story for the new age’.