The Time I Went To... The Internet

I’ve never anticipated a performance for so long, what was originally supposed to be a December show ended up being postponed until March; it was worth the wait. Being that The Internet is a band I was excited to hear live instrumentation, I’ve grown tired of the monotony of rappers and their laptop DJs. As we were late to the show we were forced to the back which is a dead ting so luckily we later found a spot on the balcony overlooking the stage, which was probably better than standing in the crowd - personal space is a must!

You never know who you’ll meet at a show, we ended up talking to these two girls, calm at first until conversation started flowing. The first turned out to be a glorified hipster, she claimed I didn't know music as she only listened to “non-mainstream” artists and the other doesn't even need a description. The show itself brought you into the mood of the album. A chilled, soulful and melodic setting. You could feel that energy throughout the crowd. It was clear everyone came out with the sole intention of enjoying themselves. An unexpected highlight of the show was when the band performed Syd’s “Smile More”, the purple lighting accompanied the feel of the song well.The only let down of the performance was, considering The Internet is a band.. with instruments.. they didn't do much improvising, mostly playing the tracks as they are on the album. Overall it was an enjoyable Tuesday night, I can’t complain.