The Time I Went To... Mick Jenkins

When I received a notification that Mick was performing in London I wasted no time in making sure those tickets were mine. The Water[s] was on daily rotation at the time and I knew I had to be there. He was performing at Oslo Hackney, an intimate venue that allowed my friend and I to get within two rows of the stage. “Drink More Water!” became a chant throughout keeping everyone in unison, like a pack we were engaged. Mick’s consistent interaction stood out, he had segments where he spoke to the audience directly breaking down the meanings behind some of his songs and phrases, making it feel like you were having a conversation with him. Aside from his interactions, the performance itself was energetic from start to finish. Mick closed the show by coming off the stage and chilling amongst the crowd for the last song, asking everyone to mess with him like we were his own peoples and performed a song that was more than gassed. I even managed to get a selfie video right next to him until the surrounding mosh pit made it too risky to keep my phone out LOL. After the show Mick stayed behind for a meet and greet, I had a brief conversation with him about travelling back to London for the show, he jokingly replied how he’d travelled from America for it too. Next time he's performing in London, believe I’m there.