The Time I Went To... Kali Uchis

I have been a fan of Kali Uchis since I first heard her soft low melodic voice in the Drunken Babble EP. After her voice, I fell in love with her candy shop Americana visuals, hyper-feminine, dreamlike, softly empowering music videos all meant that I was super excited to see Kali Uchis live.

It was the beginning of summer and the venue was intimate. A secret door disguised as a book shelf lead us into the performance area, in what seemed like an ordinary pub. When we entered I noticed a small candy floss stand in the corner and flowers draped over the stage. Soon after Kali Uchis entered singing Sycamore Tree and the audience suddenly grew silent. She seemed shy in a way that made her more alluring and her voice was unwavering and strong, better live than recorded. She performed most of her new EP Por Vida, sharing some stories and influences behind each song throughout the performance. She was undeniably real yet glamorous. 

What I liked about Kali live was the emotion she carried, listening to her album there’s a distinct tone, reflective rather than emotional. However, her performance brought the songs a rawness that hit you more directly, especially towards that end of the show when she asked if we had any songs we would like to hear. When they couldn’t find the backing track she sung a cappella, her voice, the lyrics and the simplicity of it really felt like something special.

Although she didn’t perform any songs from her first release Drunken Babble, which I would have liked, the show was still definitely a fun experience and the intimacy of the venue allowed us to see Kali in a very genuine light and I would definitely love to see her perform again.