The Time I Went To... Beyoncé

Read through the experience of seeing the Queen B live from the voice of two 94/5 members. 

I’ve seen Beyoncé twice before 3rd June 2016. Both times had been amazing, inspiring and memorable. Beyoncé is truly one of the greatest if not the greatest performer on earth so of course I had to go, even just to soak in the power and perfection that is Queen B. 

Walking to Wembley stadium in formation with everyone swarming in like bees was a buzz in itself. There were girls strutting in their Black girl magic, braids galore, lemon printed dresses and glitter beards (yup, random, but one male fan doused his whole beard in gold glitter - dope). The amount of people there was incredible, especially when looking at the demographic, it seemed like there wasn't any type of person who doesn't love them some B. She rose from under the stage, blacked out in lace and leotard and the crowd roared. For the next two hours the stadium was hips swaying, flashing lights and belted vocals - and that was just the fans! 

The actress in me would have liked if she performed the story of Lemonade in order but I think it was good she didn’t do this too much, after all it is a concert, not a theatre performance. And what a concert it was, there was stunning visuals, smart staging, complex dance moves and perfect vocals.

The Lemonade album was different from the Beyoncé we've heard in the past because of the sheer feeling of power embedded in the songs and more new was the political message. Being unapologetically black and female in her art meant that her on that stage was an inspiration for young women of colour, like us. I left feeling motivated, energetic and like I could conquer anything - Beyoncé builds an army of empowered women every time she performs.