The Time I Went To... SZA

A year ago I was living in California *insert señorita emoji*, a week before my flight home to London SZA planned to do a show at the Ace of Spades. 'Z' had been released a few months prior but still recent enough to generate buzz for a live performance. As soon as SZA came on stage you could feel the eagerness in the crowd to see her perform as everyone shifted forward, what was once personal space had become a sea of humans. 

Throughout the show SZA had little interludes now and again playing songs from that summer. Once 'CoCo' dropped, the crowd was on a maadting screaming 'I'm in love with the CoCo', even SZA started twerking, you could see she was in her element and you could feel that energy in the crowd.

Being that the show was intimate SZA let us into some secrets, I'm sure many of you know them too but at the time some of these truths were new to me and others in the crowd, for instance, her line 'Long live tramp stamps and Pepper Ann' on 'Warm Winds' is a line I never really looked into, I thought of it being a play on being young and making mistakes in your youth but that line obviously meant more to her as she turned around and revealed the small of her back. Seeing SZA live was an experience I couldn't forget, it's like I gained a new insight into who she was, I felt like I became more of a fan, not just of her music but of who she is too.