The Time I Went To... Frank Ocean

94/5 exclusive segment 'The Time I Went to' describes various experiences from music fans about their live show memories. Here's the first of the segment recalling a Frank Ocean live performance. Keep up with the blog to read more of these show experiences.

A few years ago I went to Wireless festival in London for the first time and was unhealthily eager to see Frank Ocean perform after spending everyday engulfed in his debut album Channel Orange from the minute it dropped. So I guess I might be biased in my re-telling of this experience as I was a fan from the jump, but either way the collective energy that was shared in that tent for an hour, was undeniable. There was practically a stampede from main stage to his smaller tent just before the set began and as he timidly sung each track I just recall hearing every single lyric being belted back to him and I mean every. single. lyric. It was inspiring to see a young artist express himself in a way that seemed so… pure, because it absolutely resonated with everyone there who was just like him - probably in love or lust, exploring their sexuality, dealing with life as a young adult and just wanting to be creatively free, after all, we were all spending our summer days at a music festival. That Frank Ocean live set showed me that despite us all tryna be a savage these days, we still relate to raw vulnerability and an artist is only as effective as his truth. As a performer he kept it all the way about the music with no stage gimmicks and made me feel as though I was watching one of the greats at the start of their career. I imagine it to be a memory i’ll carry with me for years to come.