South-East Pioneer: Meet Nehmy

94/5 spoke to South-East rapper Nehmy about his french roots, learning to adapt to London life and his love for being a student of Hip-Hop. 

 Follow Nehmy on Instagram  @nhmyhd

Follow Nehmy on Instagram @nhmyhd

    In a time when Grime is truly basking in its resurgence, it’s interesting to see a young rapper from London paying homage to Hip-Hop in a manner that is still so recognisably British. Nehmy spoke to me about his move from France to London at 11 years old and how his school days quickly became filled with chilling at the chicken shop after school and run-ins with ‘olders’ - as he comically put it, it was his ‘welcome to London’. Nehmy was introduced to London at the peak of the Grime era, like many young London boys, he attempted to partake in Grime spitting bars with friends, but with his english still at a minimum he found it hard at the time to keep up with the fast paced flows. His passion for Hip-Hop had already started as a young child in France and so he stuck to his roots. Now the South-East rapper is putting his ‘adopted’ home on the map, showcasing the beauty in the ends with cinematic style visuals such as ‘Wag1’ and it’s turnt up predecessor ‘LIT’. He filmed his visuals in familiar areas such as Francis Street to depict everyday life with just a little bit more hype. Demonstrating his love for his home we spoke about how he wants the places that are so dear to him to be musical landmarks one day through the power of his art. Using videos like Snoop Dogg’s ‘Gin and Juice’ and ‘Who Am I (What’s my name)’ as inspiration in the way they put Compton on the map. Nehmy made it clear that despite his love for London, which is evident in his music, he doesn't want the restrictive label of 'UK Hip-Hop' and believes in the impact of the genre worldwide, without it having to be broken down into UK vs US. His recent link up with US based ‘Platinum sounds’ is celebrating collaboration and expanding the UK and US growing trend of unity when it comes to the Hip-Hop, Rap and Grime scenes.  

    Delving deeper into his passion for the genre, I admired the view that Nehmy held which depicted him as a student. In order to be a better artist himself, Nehmy has taken his time to learn about Hip-Hop’s roots and understand it’s beginnings. This was evident as he listed names such as KRS-One, Slick Rick and Big L - the boy knows his Hip-Hop. (Incase those names are not familiar to you, thank me later cus we’ve just given you hours of pure bangers to check out). Exploring his tastes further, Nehmy named his current favourite rap artists off top as Travi$ Scott, Drake, Young Thug, Joey Bada$$ and J. Cole - a mad mix of styles which Nehmy pointed out are each appreciated for very different reasons but clearly the generational taste is evident. 

    I think it’s exciting to see a young artist so organically passionate about the art they’re working on and equally loving towards the region that has shaped them. It’s clear that Nehmy is trying to elevate his home town, alongside his ‘collective of enthusiasts’ that call themselves BEV LDN. They're basically a talented group of friends embodying London through their art and you can check out each member in the latest video ‘SWR DWN’, a production and lyrical beast if I may add. The aim for Nehmy is to one day have created a South-East sound that can be reflective of the sonic staples that we discuss when mentioning East Coast Hip-Hop or Trap in Atlanta - the sound has it’s home. Even though I have spoken to Nehmy in the past, I got a true sense of his ambition that day and I’m predicting big things to come because a student always has more to learn, which just means onwards and upwards from here. His ‘South East Experiences’ tape is coming very soon so don’t miss it but for now, listen to Nehmy’s booming vocals laced over slick production alongside other 'BEV GANG' tracks on their youtube channel; BEV LDN.