Today's Screening... "Money Man/Put That On My Set"

Today's Screening is "Money Man/put That on My Set" Directed by AWGE, starring A$AP Rocky, A$AP Nast and Skepta. 

The mini-movie just released from Rocky's creative collective AWGE, tells the story of a hustler, Money Man Flacko played by Rocky himself, getting romantically involved with the sister of his gang partner Money Man, played by Taghmaoui, a French-American actor and screenwriter. The short film is said to be inspired by the "La Haine" the french cult classic. A world is created through the focus of North-West London estates (endsss, gang gang gang) which are producing a new drug made with scorpion venom and butterfly wings, trippy. We hear a few songs within this video which are from the newly released A$AP Mob Cozy Tape, Vol 1, available for purchase now.  

There's a number of cameos within the Money Man film, including Section Boyz spotted in some scenes and Skepta who spits his verse in "Put That On My Set". I mean, whats London without Grime, so it's only right to have that feature amidst the imagery of warehouse raves and tower block estates. The music which was recorded in London's Red bull Studios is an introduction to the new cosy life, which Rocky describes as "rap-punk meets alternative underground." Watch the video and see a London Hustler lost in his world of guns, money, love and black eyed druggies.