Todays Screening... "Human"

Today’s Screening is “Human” directed by Emmanuel Adjei (Starring Sevdaliza).

This video is haunting just like Sevdaliza’s gorgeously husky voice. Directed by Emmanuel Adjei, the clip shows a group of elite men stare in awe with a sexual fixation for a private show, as Sevdaliza provocatively dances in a centaur like form - the words ‘I am Human’ ringing out. The music video was released this month on November 7th, a year on from her initial musical debut. We’ve seen many creative collaborations from her and this continues the trend as she worked closely with Emmanuel to create the visual concept. The two also worked together on short film “The Formula” which you should check out if this video has you craving for more from the artists. For now, watch and listen to the hypnotic “Human”.

‘The basic human need to be watched was once satisfied by god.’ - Sevdaliza