Bring That Back: To Pimp A Butterfly

I have one question, why didn’t Kendrick bring his ‘Kunta’s Groove Sessions’ to London? I need to see ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ performed in its entirety. The last Kendrick album I saw performed was ‘good kid, m.A.A.d city’ and that show was crazy! So I can’t imagine what the ‘Kunta’s Groove Sessions’ woulda been like considering that he was bringing out a live band in an intimate setting. I’m actually maad that I didn't attend, look at the energy he brought to the live performances of his ‘untitled unmastered’ project. Why’s Kendrick trine play with my emotions.

TPAB has to be one of the best releases of 2015, sure there’s many people who would beg to differ but there just unable to comprehend, yes, comprehend great music. The energy kendrick brought to this album was amazing, from vocal arrangement, lyrical content, production, emotion, this album gave us so much as fans. TPAB is an album which you can’t describe in words, you just need to experience it from start to finish for yourself, it’s a journey.

Lastly, what happened to that joint Kendrick and Cole tape, Cole told us he had shit dropping February 16’ on ‘Black Friday’, should I still be waiting.