The Year Was: 2000 in R&B

The early 2000s was a chart centric period, singles that sold was a must have for a lot of artists, especially those singed to labels. This short term focus meant that many singles and in turn albums didn't hold relevance outside of its initial commercial success if it achieved any.

However, it wasn’t only throw-aways, there were a few gems that still get plays on my iTunes and the 94Five seal of approval. 2000 in R&B was a year that personally shaped my taste in music, even though I wasn’t old enough to decide what music I wanted to listen to, I knew what I enjoyed when the family had them jams blasting for hours. Listening to these while I write I can’t help but feel nostalgic.

Before I even knew what love was Jagged Edge and Joe had me thinking I was ready, I can’t help but laugh now. Although, listening to these has me reminiscing on good times and wishing we had more music like this, the constant baggy Garms and bootcut jeans is something that can definitely stay in the noughties.

R&B was dominated by US artists over this period, but the UK had a few contributions to the genre and Craig David was no doubt a good representation of what we had to offer, still hard to think Rendezvous was off his debut album. It’s impossible to look at noughties R&B without mentioning the King that is R-Kelly. Whether it was up-tempo club hits that you couldn’t help turn-up to, or slow jams for when it’s just you and Bae. 

2000 in R&B is one that has personal significance, I'll have these songs and their albums on rotation for a while for sure.