The Time I Went To... A2

A2 performed his second headline show at XOYO to a sold out loyal crowd. Thea Gajic opened the show with her beautiful spoken word piece used at the start of A2's 'Jasmine Tea' and the crowd erupted. There was an energy shared between A2 and the audience that seemed exclusive. He was really good at singling you out from the crowd - a quick moment of eye contact as you mouthed the words made it feel intimate in a crowded, cramped room. The overall vibe felt private, like we were all members of the same club, like you wouldn't understand our excitement or energy if you weren't one of us, didn't grow up where we did or experience lust and dreams the way he spits in his songs. 

As a whole the show was hype. It pretty much felt like a party with the mandem lol and when the DJ finally played 'double double' the audience spilled on to the stage to gass up A2 and he carried on as if it was family up there with him on the mic. Replaying the track a few times. A whole lot of jumping around was intertwined with a bit of slow grinding from the girls in the audience as he performed some of his more signature slower numbers and we were treated to an appearance from the talented Etta Bond. 

Overall a really energetic show. It felt as though it was the birth of a great career and I'd be eager to get tickets the next time he does a show.