Today's Screening... "Fuck It Up"

Today’s Screening is “Fuck It Up” directed by Chris Simmons (Starring Kamaiyah & YG).

I wanted to post something fun today, this one’s not necessarily about the direction but more the feel of the visual. Shout out to Chris for the execution of this one! “Fuck It Up” reminds me of living in California, you get that feel of being in LA doing the most, from the weather down to the fun of just being in the city vibesing with your peoples. It’s about living life and enjoying our youth. Kamaiyah and YG really bought out the city too, it’s basically a street party turned mosh-pit and you know you're in Cali when you see YG riding around in a droptop lowrider. 

Kamaiyah told Fader that “The ‘Fuck It Up’ video was about bridging the Bay to L.A. gap,”. She's recently moved from Oakland to Los Angeles in the past year. “I wanted to bring the Town out in a positive way and to have fun. I think we were successfully able to convey the message.”