On The Next: Knucks

Browsing Youtube I came across a freestyle from Knucks that instantly held my attention. Rhyming in the pocket over a soulful beat, with a clear care for lyrical content, there was something different about his vibe. On deeper inspection I came across his video for “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” which showed another element. It was clear there was an appreciation for more than witty word play. The song itself has a rhythmic chorus, lyrical verses and the video’s aesthetic is reminiscent of the (1961) Romantic Comedy “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. The 21 year old rapper from North West London, has received recognition from notable names in the UK music scene such as Wretch 32 and produced for a few others. Knucks takes control over a lot of his production too, and you can sense that added appreciation when he lays his vocals. 

  Knucks shot by 94Five -   More at 94Five.tumblr

Knucks shot by 94Five - More at 94Five.tumblr

What would you like people to know about yourself?

“I’m a 21 year old rapper/producer brought up in North West London”

If you could choose a film and track that describes you, what would they be?

“For a film I'd pick ‘Be Cool’ starring John Travolta because Travolta's characters calm and collected persona is how I try to live my life, not to allow negativity at any given time phase me [and track] Sade - Smooth Operator, I think the names kinda self explanatory”

Why do you create?

“I think it's the eagerness to see an idea turn into something I can actually see or listen to. Most times before I make something I'm hit with an idea and rush to my computer to see what that thing in my mind will look like in real life, whether it's a beat, a song idea, artwork idea, I want to see my idea come to fruition - so I create it”

Name the one place where you feel most creative?

“My bedroom - that's where I come up with 90% of my ideas, whether I'm watching a movie, just browsing online or listening to beats - I think it's just the comfort of my room that generates my creativity”

What accumulation of influences made you the artist that you are now?

“Well I started of listening to Grime in my early teens, artists like - Dot Rotten, Ice Kid, Wretch 32. Then I went through a UK Rap / old school Hip-Hop stage where I listened to a lot of - Youngs Teflon, Blade Brown, Curren$y, Nas & MF Doom. I’ve always listened to a lot of Jazz and Soul vocalists from Sade to Anita Baker and Jazz composers like George Duke, Ronnie Laws etc.”

Choose any era you like - what would you bring back from that time?

“I'd pick the 90's and I'd bring back the shared appreciation of real lyricism because I feel like currently we're in an era where people don't have to put much thought and skill into what they release”

What would you like to see next for your career?

“I'd like to start getting booked for shows abroad so I can get to see the world and share my music with everyone I meet on the way”

With the abundance of creativity coming out of South London, it might be easy to think that’s the only place it’s at but Knucks has been letting us know that the North is still bout it and we’re ready to see what’s next for the witty rapper but for those who can't wait, we can tell you that Knucks has a little banger on the way called “Used To”, until that drops you can follow him on both Twitter and ‘Gram @Knucks_music or Soundcloud.