Today's Screening... "Special Affair/Curse"

Today's Screening is "Special Affair/Curse" directed by Calmatic (Starring The Internet & Tyler, the Creator).

The track itself starts off with just about the coolest bass line you'll ever hear which runs throughout the track like a hypnotic chant to bop your head to. The visual directed by Los Angeles filmmaker Calmatic brings the 'cool' up a couple notches and you wouldn't expect anything less from a guy who's inspired by "Spike Jonze, the riots in 92 [..and..] Lil' Wayne's verse on Truffle Butter..". The black and white slow moving visual makes you feel like your drunk or high or a glorious mix of both in some exclusive warehouse party alongside Syd and Tyler, the Creator who makes a cameo and spits his "Curse" rap verse. We're then switched to a R&B video set with the band members changing roles as we pan and rotate around them in a daze. The video is simplistic magic using well thought out shots to make two simple sets come to life and ooze the essence of the instrumentation. This is my favourite visual from The Internet with a song that keeps on playing in your mind even after it ends.  

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