The Time I Went To... Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez is insane, but I'll get to that part. I recently saw him live in shoreditch, London for a special show just for fans who had preordered his new album "I Told You", so the venue was small and I was right up front and centre. I was in awe of how good he actually sounded live and he even took the time to take us back to the oldies while singing a cappellawith our assistance. Them smooth old school RnB tracks let his voice shine and got the girls in the audience hype. 

After performing a few more of his bangers the madness started to begin. Everybody knew that "Diego" was coming up and after watching videos of his previous shows I was prepared for the jungle. He carefully took off his heap of chains and laid them by the DJ then launched himself into the crowd fearlessly. Tory sang the rest of the show while being flung around the crowd and actually still managed to sound great. He jokingly (but seriously) announced that if anyone tried to steal his hat or shoes it'd be beef on site lol but everyone seemed too lost in the mayhem and excitement to try and do some fuckery.  He continued by climbing the beams that held up the building and dominated the room like a beast - banging his chest to the beat, pulling the crowd to wherever he flung himself to. Krept and Konan came out too and added to the overall energy of the show. Tory is a dope vocalist. Definitely worth seeing live if your don't mind leaving with some torn clothes drenched in sweat.