On The Next: Brent Faiyaz

The first time I heard “Poison” by Brent I was caught off guard by the talent that came after the slightly comical ‘locker room’ style conversation that introduces the track. Scrolling through Instagram I saw his “A.M. Paradox” cover art posted by an early fan and was interested enough to take my time to find out more. Brent’s got a quirky sense of style and the left-field R&B sounds that flowed out kept me enticed to play more. After a little more searching I quickly found out that the now 21 year old Maryland artist is definitely low-key. There's not a whole heap about him online except the music and that's something to appreciate. So have a look at our ‘rare’ interview with Brent Faiyaz and find out just a little more about the young man of few words but hella melodies.

 Photography by Keith Montero  @keithnyc

Photography by Keith Montero @keithnyc

What would you like people to know about yourself?

“I used to draw as a youth. A lot of people don't know that. I was one of those prodigious kids. Like 7 years old taking classes at MICA and shit.”

If you could choose a film and track that describes you, what would they be?

“I like Stand By Me. I see a lot of myself in Gordie, played by Wil Wheaton. He's a thinker. He was put in this fucked up world and is just a kid trying to make sense of it all. He writes these stories to help him get his mind off what goes on around him. He's pure. [and track] Poison.” - Nice little plug there...

Why do you create?

“I was never really good at anything else. I think if I wasn't creating, I'd be dead. Or wishing I was dead. It's all I got.”

Name the one place where you feel most creative?

“Home. Everything hits me at home. After all the wild shit it's the place where I reflect on my days & get time to think.”

 A.M. Paradox Front - Artwork by  @milohsmith

A.M. Paradox Front - Artwork by @milohsmith

 A.M. Paradox Back

A.M. Paradox Back

You can also stream Brent Faiyaz's "A.M. Paradox" on Tidal and Spotify or show your support by purchasing the tape on iTunes. 

What accumulation of influences made you the artist that you are now?

“This life shit man. I had an upbringing with a lot of essential pieces. My family made me everything I am.”

Choose any era you like - what would you bring back from that time?

“I feel haunted by a lot of traces of a past life. I wanna go back to whatever time that nigga lived & tell him he got some unresolved issues. I'd come back with some peace of mind.”

What would you like to see next for your career?


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Instagram, SoundCloud and Twitter are all under @BrentFaiyaz (Just click on the links to explore) and if you didn't know he's one third of collective ‘Sonder’, you can catch a vibe on their SoundCloud or at sonder.parts - go listen!