Today's Screening... "Babylon"

Today's Screening is "Babylon" directed by APLUS and SZA (Starring SZA).

"Babylon" was released in 2014 and served as a preview into the Z album from SZA that later followed. The TDE songstress is super open and honest in this track (props for that cus it ain't easy!), like in much of her music and the visual although relativity simple, gives me the feeling that theres a lot of symbolism behind the short clip. I think the song is a bare all - filled with lyrics that show her battling with being her own worst enemy and becoming fed up herself, punishing herself for her failures and perhaps a flawed love. The visual on the other hand seems almost refreshing to me, as though those self loathing lyrics turn into a thing to let go of. She strategically places her material possessions and steps into the water as if its a baptism, ready to be cleansed of her worries. I mean, the biblical references are pretty consistent, just look at the title, which is interesting due to her Islamic upbringing. The playful "Gone fishing" note at the end adds a nice light touch to a heavy song and I think director APLUS and SZA done a good job in creating a visual that switches up the tone of a lot of the darker lyrics. The prolonged lake scene is also reminiscent of Shakespeare's "Othelia" drowning and suggests that the track may have more to do with heartbreak than perhaps it seems. Have a look at "Babylon" - with this much depth and creativity in her early days, imagine what could be coming up from the Top Dawg singer.