Enlightenment and Denim ByMelianJ

At the young age of 15 MelianJ became a free-lance model after having a taste of the fashion world when scouted as a child and since then she’s been booking shoots with names like Nike and Nakid Magazine. Now just 20 years young, she’s the creator of her own fashion line, ByMelianJ, designing and hand crafting insanely detailed denim pieces portraying her edgy and forward-thinking fashion mind. Check out our quick talk with the young LA native with an old soul, who’s adoration and understanding for spirituality and nature is nothing short of refreshing. 

 MelianJ wearing one of her own denim designs.

MelianJ wearing one of her own denim designs.

When did you first start designing and creating clothes? 

“I’ve been planning and preparing since practically middle school with ideas, I developed the skills to actually bring my creations to life in 2015/16.”

 Pieces from the first collection from ByMelianJ

Pieces from the first collection from ByMelianJ

 Jeans 1.0 looks

Jeans 1.0 looks

What’s your process, how do you put your pieces together? 

“My process is different a lot of the time. My favourite way is to pile a stack of fabric… sit in my room and visualise/channel through meditation, then listen to music/binaural beats & crank out pieces. I’m getting into sketching more but I’ve been going straight from brain to hands on *lol*.”

Where do you draw inspiration from? 

“I mostly if not always channel inspiration from the infinite energy source in meditative states & God; otherwise I’m inspired from art, nature/the universe, movies, music, architecture, etc.”

Describe your ideal girl to style, what is she like?

“Ideally, I’m interested in styling like minded individuals, female/male/trans artists with elevated frequencies, who aspire to influence positive change in the world.”

Describe your brand in a short sentence.

“ByMelianJ is an expression of my perspectives on fashion, art, life, & the universe.

To be the source, enlightenment. To inspire, and motivate individuals to create themselves, their realities, and the human experience through awareness. Influencing ownership of individuality, and reinventing a community through living in love, support, and acceptance.”

Where would you like to see your brand in the future? 

“Haute Couture on every major runway & magazines, modelled by the best & Artistically included.”

You started your own collection ‘Jeanz by MelianJ’, what inspired your denim collection? 

“God, my early life struggles, & desire to reconstruct my mind/self as an artist to better express my vision.. testing my creativity.”

You were scouted as a model at a young age, was modelling a part of your plan? 

“Yes always, I love being in front of the camera. I don’t limit myself as an artist, I love expressing through different mediums.”

 MelianJ for 3PeatLa

MelianJ for 3PeatLa

Your collection is very D.I.Y. as you sew all your garments yourself, is this an aesthetic you’d like to keep in the future as your brand expands? 

“Yes & No. I love sewing myself with total DIY vibes but also enjoy getting into higher end Haute Couture design.”

How would you describe your personal style? 

“Eclectic art, an expression of my “selves”.”

Name your top designers and stylists?

“Best of best: Mother Earth, God/Infinite Creator of life.”

Who’s dress sense do you admire and why?

“The more spiritual I have become the less I idolise or look up to anyone other then God; however as a young girl I loved Ultraviolet, Spice Girls, Brittany Spears, Rihanna, Aaliyah, Prince, & the list goes onnn  *haha*.”

Any up and coming projects?

“I’m not one to spoil a surprise, I love working in silence but there’s definitely a few projects coming up that may change the dynamic of how I’m perceived as an artist/designer which I’m extremely excited about. My blood boils enthusiastically to push my boundaries and continue the journey of self expression.”

Have a look through some sneak previews of the next ByMelianJ collection dropping in just a few days time. The new collection seems softer and lighter than the last, with frilled detailing on sleeve cuffs and a mixture of textiles, yet it still holds the badass edge of her first release where frayed edges and slashes of denim dominate - perfect expressive looks for the summer.

 Jeanz 2.0

Jeanz 2.0

Set to release her second collection on July 1st you’ll be able to see her hand created designs based off reconstructed denim. The 2.0 collection shows her growth and passion for individuality as each piece is one of a kind, with no other being cut from the same denim. Grab your self a fashion exclusive on July 1st when the full collection is released. 

Shop it all here on Melianj.com and follow her on instagram @bymelianj for outfit envy.