Paloma Elsesser Body Positivity with i-D

Growing up in our generation as a child, beauty was presented through runway models who fit a certain size and shape. Fast forward to now, we moved into a period where women are becoming unafraid to voice there own beauty standards and stand by their own ideals, despite much of the world still pushing forward a mould for us to fit in. Paloma Elsesser is one of the ladies using her voice and model skills to show young women how to respect their own worth and value. See her thoughts and background on Body positivity with i-D.

“Growing up without role models who reflected who she was, Paloma Elsesser knows the importance of showing young women that there are so many different ways to be beautiful. With her doe eyes and radiant skin, plus size model Paloma Elsesser is at the forefront of the body positivity movement, winning over the industry simply by being her radiant self. She was plucked from obscurity for legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath’s Golden Makeover series, and since then has been desired by editorial spreads and ads - not only because she looks amazing, but also because she’s seriously smart.

In this episode of i-D Meets, we get to know Paloma in London before visiting a group of teenagers at a school to talk about how important it is as girls to surround yourself with strong female friends. Then we'll head to Brixton Village with Paloma
’s fellow International Girl Crew member Madeline Poole, to talk about the uplifting power of sisterhood and body confidence.” - i-D.