Fishbowl Zine Podcast 001

“Being a millennial is tougher than its given credit for. We’re out here trying to balance careers, personal lives and survival with an awareness of competition, social media and a pursuit of our passions. Inspired by Simon Sinek’s talk on Millennial’s in the Workplace we took a step back and dissected what it means to have a ‘creative career’ in the current climate – considering the role of social media, its impacts on mental health, increasing pressures to balance different trades, knowing your self-worth and what it really takes before you can call yourself a ‘professional’.

The Fishbowl podcast is the result of a joint collaboration between stylist Alizé, photographer Bardha, artist Yinka, model/writer Simran and businesswoman Yasmin; our conversation was nothing short of fun, insightful and reflective. We wanted to create something that would make you think, so come kick back with us - think cozy conversation with your girls over a glass of wine. Except we’re in the Radar studios and you’ve probably got a cup of tea.”

The ladies sat down to discuss a whole range of issues for young creatives that’ll show you it’s not just you questioning these points, like whether ‘exposure’ is good enough pay, and the benefits and pressures of social media. I thought the back and fourth about sticking to one skill, or learning multiple was interesting. Should artists immerse themselves into one creative area and master that, as opposed to the ‘jack-of-all-trades’ tactic that so many millennial creatives are taking on. Which is more beneficial? I myself struggle with feeling unauthentic when trying to learn and take on new skills as if it’s a problem to want to broaden your creative knowledge. The ladies mentioned that nowadays it’s often true that ‘just doing one skill isn't enough to get you noticed.’ 

Social media is interestingly allowing so many young artists to have a platform and manage to get their work out in order to create a career, using its power to connect to other creatives or big brands who wanna put you on, but then that leads to one of life’s big questions, ‘How do you know your value?’ - brands with power continuously ask creatives to work for free for the sole benefit of apparent exposure, making it difficult to know when you should demand pay and what your work is even worth. If all of these dilemmas run through your mind, you most definitely should have a listen to Fishbowl Zines latest podcast.