GARMS - Drake

Ok, so Drake aka Drizzy aka Champagne Papi aka my future baby daddy, may not be a fashion icon per say but the man does know how to set trends and make shit catchy. This special talent doesn't just stop with his music but has also spreads across to his "Octobers Very Own" merchandise that has pretty much turned into it's own clothing line with it's now full range of options available for all of us OVO wannabe members. The line was first available in 2011 and was created by Drake and his tour manager Oliver El-Khatib but has since grown from it's trendy retailer collaborations into the full fledged owl branded clothing it is now.

At first, the clothing was only seen sported by Drake and his friends or family, with the label showcasing their Canada Goose collabs and OVO Varsity jackets early on. Then we were all finally given the chance to be kitted out like Drizzy when OVO merch came out after the epic drop of his 2013 album "Nothing Was The Same", with clothing being sold in pop-up stores.

Soon after, Drake and his team started rolling out a range of collaborations including one major deal with Nike's Jordan brand. Since then they have now stepped up in the clothing world with two flagship OVO stores; in Toronto (naturally) and L.A. which brought us the summer 2016 editorial shoot to celebrate its opening some months back. Check out some of those pics below. 

The 2016 pre-fall lookbook from the OVO line has showcased more high quality comfortable clothing such as tees, slides, velour track suits and silk boxer style shorts from the brand in current colour ways such as nude, pastel blue and red with a new branded pattern adorning the logo that to me, is reminiscent of LV's old colourful print. So boojey and I love it. 

Drake's growing success with his OVO clothing line has demonstrated what it is to be a brand and build beyond your main area of success, utilising the buying power of your fan base. If we're willing to buy and he's willing to create wearable, on trend clothing, then it's a win win! I'm looking forward to seeing more clothing from the brand and I'm hoping for a wider range of women's options in future. I mean, that baby pink hotline bling period of clothing was life and yes, I guess it was unisex, but Drake usually pulls through for us ladies - I'll be waiting. For now, check out the current season at the OVO store.