Bring That Back: Pokémon on Gameboy


I haven't jumped on this Pokémon GO hype, I don't know, maybe I'm just in denial because my iPhone doesn't have the storage capabilities to download Apps but then again, I don't really jump on bandwagons, who knows. Pokémon Go ain't me, I been playing Pokémon since I was a little one with a Gameboy Advance, the first cartridge I had was Sapphire - I ain't that old to have been playing since the Gameboy days. Bruh, I was nerdy with the ting, I even had a Pokédex, yes, a Pokédex, I wasn't playing. I was really outchea, collecting gym badges, levelling up Pokémon (you couldn't be on my squad if your stats were low), I was doing the most, you couldn't chat to me in Primary school. My favourite aspect of the game was growing my Pokémon, my team felt like family - had to make sure the squad was levels. I was official when it came to training, everyone on my team was evolving, I felt like a proud dad, especially when I turned Machop to Machamp, he was my go to guy, certified on the battlefield. You know what, I might just have to pick up my Gameboy Advance again. I'm Out!


Side note: If you haven't heard it yet, Nintendo have announced that they'll be dropping a Mini-NES console - you'll be in your feels with nostalgia. The Mini-NES will come pre-installed with 30 all-time classic Nintendo games including Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 1-3, Galaga and more - I was cheesing when I heard the news. 

Slated with a November 11th release date and $60 price tag, there's no way I'm not copping.