Tastemakers: Leah Abbott

Leah Abbott is a 21 year old model who you’ll probably recognise from a little Skepta video that pretty much SHUTDOWN London and beyond. She was featured in ASOS, played a role in 808 INK’s ‘Suede Jaw’ video and was part of the first issue for Girl Code’s Zine. Her Instagram is filled with soft, film like photographs, featuring outfits styled by herself (I need her wardrobe!) - giving us Sade-esque slick hair, animal print, colour, furr trimmed coats and lip liner galore.

Photography from Karolina Bajda and HypeMari featured in photos above. 

London girls just have a vibe that’s unmatched (not that I would be biased in any way ;P) and Leah Abbot seems to embody that energy. Her curvaceous figure adds to the wave of models forging the path for ‘real’ sized women and her tasteful aesthetic (think sophisticated Spice Girl meets 2016 Grime, & that is definitely a compliment, trust me) is why we believe she’s a tastemaker to watch; using her creativity to grasp at past fads to build stepping stones for trends of the future and now. 

Leah Abbott interview with Public Ambition. 

While her modelling career was bubbling, Leah was a full time University student and there is still little about her online so now that she’s newly graduated, were expecting more to come. Our eyes are peeled and we’ll be preeing the Instagram feed for more shoots and whatever else is next for the London tastemaker.

For now, take another look at Skepta's 'SHUTDOWN' video to see the mixed-race model in action.