Memoirs: Video Set Squad

Written by Simran for

I remember it was early February, and I was due to go visit one of my best friends at Uni. It was the day before, and I was packing. My phone buzzed, and me, thinking it was the group chat, picked up. I opened a message from my agent that read something along the lines of ‘YOU HAVE A SKEPTA VIDEO CASTING TOMORROW’. I almost dropped my phone fam, at university I was infamous for how much I loved grime, and now, potentially being in a Skepta video?! It’s mad. 

Fast forward 24 hours, I had caught a train to London and casting was in East London, which I was not really ready for. I remember walking into the office the casting was being held in and feeling nervous, but it was literally over within five minutes – they took some pictures and asked me a couple questions – I remember feeling unsure on how I had ‘done’, but was grateful I even had the casting. 

Two days later I got a call from my agent telling me I had got the job, she told me I had been chosen as one of the main girls. BMT I was in my room in my flat and almost collapsed. 

The next day I rolled up to Club Aquarium at 8AM (the time I’m usually leaving the club), had some breakfast and was shown the set. It was an ultraviolet dream, and got talking to Grace. She told me Skepta had chosen me to be THE main girl – in my head I was dyinggggggg but I was trying to play it cool. I think I played it too cool because I remember her asking me if I knew who Skepta was aha.  

Once I was made up and styled, I was told we were shooting the pool scenes first. So they led me in, and after a couple shots next to the pool I was asked to get in. First thing that hit me was how cold the pool was, but after a while I got used to it. I had never done pool shots before, so I was kind of winging the whole thing but I think it came out well aha. After the pool scenes I had to wait for other girls to shoot their segments. A lot of time was spent waiting for cameras and stuff to set up, but the actual shooting parts were ridiculously fun. I’ve never worked on a set where everyone was just vibing, taking selfies and having fun. 

All in all, the day was a really really great experience – I got to work with amazing stylists, make-up artists, creatives and other dope girls all whilst enjoying the vibes. Working with Skepta is definitely something I class as a personal achievement - especially considering my love for grime - and the day isn’t something I’ll forget anytime soon.