GARMS - Pharrell x Billionaire Boys Club

Pharrell Williams is renowned for being one of the pioneers in Hip-Hop and R&B, knighted with the title of Super Producer alongside a select few. However another product of the Virginia Beach born genius is his clothing brand Billionaire Boys Club, which he founded alongside Nigo (founder of BAPE). When it comes to his personal style, let's be real, his giant hats may not be to your liking, but the talented mogul has taste. His fashion choices often mix the urban style of his younger days (akin with the BBC aesthetic) with more outlandish choices of his recent years. The popular clothing line consists of a variety of garms ranging from Polos to Sweatshirts, outerwear and accessories, using a range of comfortable, high quality fabrics.

Pharrell was one of the first musicians in Hip-Hop and R&B to own a clothing label, making no secret of it and using his music, celebrity status and global platform as a way to promote the brand further, through lyrics and sporting the clothes himself. He's a trend setter in the game and often does so under the radar, influencing style and music in a manner that I feel goes unnoticed too often (I've seen a news outlet talk about him finally making a hit at age 40 when "Blurred Lines" came out, like, don't piss me off, the man is an icon).

Being a celebrity with celebrity friends also comes with the perks of having talented and influential people supporting your brand. A friend of Pharrell and Hip-Hop legend Jay-Z, has regularly supported Pharrell’s brand (especially through lyrics). It was reported in August 2011 that Jay was partnering with BBC, and it later surfaced that Jay alongside Iconix had invested in a joint-venture resulting in the company achieving record sales. Hov’s 2013 album "Magna Carta Holy Grail" has a song titled "BBC" featuring Nas, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé and Swizz Beats, on which Nas spits “Bally shoes, Gucci sneakers Pharrell's a pharaoh, peep the features Unlaced Adidas”. In recent years, he's extended the brand to include the women's Billionaire Girls club and as a whole, it is not uncommon to see celebs sporting the brand, as you've probably seen many times before.

2016 has seen Pharrell and the BBC brand take a collaborative direction alongside Adidas with a collection of  "Adidas originals by Pharrell Williams" where a summer/tropical vibe is clearly the goal. Red and Green palm tree designs on shorts, vests and jackets all accompanied by the unmistakable BBC logo - beaches aren't easily accessible in London, unfortunately, but we could easily rock it on a LDN summers day. This is not the first time Pharrell has worked with adidas, with his colourful spectrum of Superstar shell toes selling out like crazy last year too.  

Released this week (22nd July) the Hu (Human Being, Human Race, Human Kind, Human Species) NMD trainers BBC x Adidas collab signs the relationship between the two as a creative and innovative one. With the footwear having an unconventional design with laces kept to a minimum and it appears comfort is a high priority too. The ‘Human Race’ emblazoned on the face of the shoe is an extension of Pharells vision, seeking to unite people through "love, passion, excitement, energy and colour".

The BBC Garms and the Adidas collab are available for purchase on these sites here: