GARMS - Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis’s style is distinct, retro inspired, ultra feminine and unafraid. You’ll usually catch her in bold prints, statement jewellery or lots of pinks & baby blues looking like a mix of old hollywood and latino opulence. Kali’s sense of girl meets women with the feminine way she often dresses also translates in her music, it can be sensual and alluring but often still sassy with a sense of strength (I mean, lyrics like “baby understand, I don't need no man” make us girls just wanna say ‘yaaass’). 

I have a feeling she is inspired by the Columbian female icons, women that showcased their curves - glamours and dramatic in a way that only the most beautiful in Hollywood have ever dared to be. When Kali was asked to do a Fashion mix by Showstudio, the songs included ‘Summer Samba’ by Astrud Gilberto and ‘Moi Je Joue' by Brigette Bardot. The elegant beauties of other eras like the 50s and 60s obviously inspire Kali’s image and style so striking in a world that is filled with norm-core, less is more and yoga pants (I myself am guilty of the whole gym-leggings-when-I’m-not-going-to-the-gym vibe, shoot me). Kali Uchis' style, is one that doesn’t look just thrown together, it’s a style that looks manicured and thought out, especially when she often does not follow the fashion trends of the moment. It brings us back to when women would always look polished and put together, seen in the way Kali’s hair is often roller set and her lip liner placed. The most important thing about Kali Uchis is the way she brings these retro styles into the modern internet-era, she's not just imitating these women of the past but is inspired by them and developing the fashion for current palettes. Her clothes are wearable and fun. Her style along with her music show that being girly is a strength. 

That is probably why Colombian singer-songwriter Kali Uchis is the star of the campaign for Barbie by Sophia Webster shoes – Uchis is modelling the collection celebrating the new range of diverse Barbie’s. With Barbie wearing flat shoes for the first time (how did it take this long ?!) but also the importance of them finally created dolls that reflect the women of the world - they now have 12 different facial structures, 23 eye colours and 11 skin tones this campaign represents some of the things that Kali stands for and in the video we see Barbie becoming whatever she wants to be. 

Testament to her style is the way in which fashion has embraced her. Just have a look at all the magazine covers she’s graced, demonstrating just how much the fashion world loves her retro wardrobe and consistent aesthetic. Even Nick Knight made the Colombian singer/songwriter the soundtrack to his photoshoots after discovering her through Instagram and the video they created together for the 2015 V fall issue is beautifully elegant - with Kali sporting a quaffed do and cat eye white frames. When speaking to Dazed some time back, Kali spoke about how she was inspired by call-girls, Mia Farrow and Quentin Teretino - quite a mix of art there, which seem to mesh together so well in her form. Let’s hope theres even more of this to come because her garms always have as dreamy eyed. 

Listen to "Ridin Round" which is sure to be your girl gang anthem.