GARMS - A$AP Rocky


A$AP Rocky is one of the first rappers to bring high fashion to Rap, sure you could argue that many others before him like Kanye and Pharrell pushed the boundaries when it came to the Garms they were sporting but not to the extent that Rocky has. It was evident from the start that Rocky was more than just a rapper, he’s an artist, his Instagram illustrates that. He brought something different to Hip-Hop from the jump, look at Peso, he was saying shit like “Raf Simons, Rick Owens usually what I’m dressed in” before those designers were known in circles other than high fashion. Rocky has consistently pushed the envelope for rappers to be seen as more, to be seen as artists. 

Rocky has dipped his hands in many projects in the fashion world, in the start of 2016, GUESS brought Rocky in for the first instalment of their GUESS Originals initiative. Rocky put together a capsule collection for the brand that drew inspiration from his childhood obsessions, he sited Menace II Society, Nas, André 3000, Wu-Tang members and Tupac as the reasons to why his collection evoked the feel of the 90’s. - “I wanted to give kids today knowledge of what GUESS meant to hip-hop and the urban community in the 90s and late 80s.” There’s little details that makes the capsule collection A$AP’s, he replaced the double S in GUESS with dollar signs.

A$AP always has traces of fashion in whatever he does, just look at the visual for Jukebox Joints. 

More recently we've seen A$AP Rocky unveiled as one of the new faces of Dior Homme. A smart move for both the brand and artist - Dior gets a fresh modernised campaign and Rocky gets to heighten his fashion stature. The move showed A$AP Rocky once again in front of the camera as a model instead of rapper doing his thing (pretty boy Flacko we see you). In a conversation with WWD, Dior Homme creative director Kris Van Assche said, "I really like (A$AP Rocky’s) personal style and taste. He’s a real fashion lover. He feels like fashion really influences his own work, and he has strong opinions on that.”