GARMS: Top 5, Top 5, Top 5...

This week we wanted to share our top 5 recent GARMS finds of a variety of artists and brands bringing us items worth buying. Take a look...

Our favourite bad gal, Rihanna is set to release her latest range of creepers on December 8th and we're expecting them to sell out in minutes as usual, so make sure you have your laptop at hand if you want a pair of the new velvet editions, coming in grey, black, and a gorgeous deep red. Once they're released you can buy them at Puma's official site.





If your looking for the perfect christmas gift for a special stoner friend, Vetements have just released a necklace that doubles up as a grinder. It's all mad. It's Italian made and comes in both gold and silver with its 17.5 inch chain at hand to keep your branded grinder swinging. The chain piece also has a magnetic fastening to keep everything safe for you, how lovely. Buy it online now at £390. 





The Weeknd was selling his Starboy march in London last week at Selfridges, with the clothing set up for a 3 day sale but it sold out completely within the first day. Not to fret, he's having a second round of pop-up dates for the march that accompanies the new album, releasing on November 25th, so keep an eye out for those dates to grab the clothing.





If you've been seeing all the old school style tour tees online and on fashions trendiest, or you just adore a bit of the nineties, then you'll probably like GrimeTees new addition of tour style t-shirst, featuring Grime OG's like Wiley and Crazy Titch. Buy the GARMS online before they sell out entirely. I'ma cop myself one in the meantime. 




Champion and Weekday have teamed up for a nine piece capsule collection of super soft oversized pieces perfect for fall and winter. You can choose from tees, jumpers, hoodies and sweatpants all stamped with Champions signature logo. Unfortunately there isn't yet a release date but I'll be keeping my eyes peeled to add to my winter wardrobe.